Known as the Sunrise City, Fort Pierce is home to many robust industries, including healthcare, retail trade, accommodation and food service, construction, and agriculture. Many people working in these or other fields, either as small business owners or employees, may sometimes need Florida legal services for business reasons.

At Apfelbaum Law, we know businesspeople would rather avoid getting into expensive and time-consuming disputes, so we do our best to help our clients avoid them if at all possible. It’s always best to consult a Florida business lawyer sooner rather than later as this gives your attorney the chance to help you take a detour around potential problems.

Business disputes can occur for a wide variety of reasons. When disputes can’t be avoided, they sometimes fall into the category of complex commercial litigation. This includes everything from intellectual property disputes to anti-trust violations. The following is a list of some potential issues that may lead to complex commercial litigation:

These aren’t the only kinds of disputes people may have to deal with in the course of doing business. Other issues may include collection of debt, breach of contract, or a third-party interfering with some type of business agreement. Some clients may also want to avoid disputes with contracts to limit competition, such as non-disclosure or non-compete agreements with employees.

Most people hope they never have to be involved in a business dispute. Making sure all contracts or agreements are properly-worded and comprehensive—covering as many potential problems as possible—is a good way to reduce the risk of a dispute. If one does occur, a solid contract can improve your odds of winning in a court case and hasten a speedy resolution to the dispute. While some businesspeople handle contract by purchasing a contract kit at their local office supply store, a Florida business attorney will ask specific questions about your business and ensure nothing important is overlooked in your contract.

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