Jupiter, Florida has a growing economy, with many jobs in management, business, finance, and sales. Its job growth is projected to increase almost 40 percent in the next ten years. There are many opportunities for employment, or to start your own business, in and around Jupiter.

Individuals and businesses may need the help of a Florida business lawyer for many reasons. They may need assistance with contracts to protect their business interests, like a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement, for employees and contractors. Others might need help with real estate contracts, partnership or investor agreements, or debt collection.

Most people hope to avoid business disputes, and contacting a Florida business attorney for help with legal documents is a good way to reduce the risk. When disputes do occur, they can involve a wide range of problems, from landlord/tenant disputes to disagreements between partners. Investor disputes, contract breaches, and even fraud and other problems can also cause disputes.

Sometimes, clients find themselves involved in business torts, which may also be called economic torts. These are wrongful acts committed against business entities that lead to—or are likely to lead to—a financial loss. Frequently these are intentional, but they can also be caused by neglect or recklessness. There are several categories of business torts:

Business torts and other disputes can cause a great deal of stress for employees, managers, and business owners. Unfortunately, these disputes don’t go away on their own. The sooner you seek the help of a Florida business attorney or Florida contract lawyer, the better your chances of achieving a good outcome. He or she will ask questions about the dispute, and explain your options for proceeding.

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