With a projected job growth of nearly 40 percent for the next ten years, Palm City, Florida has a growing economy ideal for many types of businesses. At Apfelbaum Law, we often help people with many legal aspects of running or even working for a business. Unfortunately, sometimes people need the help of a Florida business lawyer because they are struggling with a business dispute.

These disputes can cause a great deal of stress for business owners and employees alike. They can be caused by many kinds of issues—problems with employers or employees, even fraud or a business deal gone south. Frequently, the people involved in business disputes are blindsided by a potential problem they never considered.

Sometimes business disputes arise between employers and employees. At Apfelbaum Law, we advise clients on which type of employment agreements will help avoid some of these problems—for example, a properly-worded non-disclosure or non-compete agreement.

Other business disputes occur from more complicated situations—for example, problems with investors, breach of contract, business torts, or even cases involving fraud and other criminal charges. Often, these situations involve disagreements between partners. At Apfelbaum Law, we know such operating agreements should clearly answer the following questions:

Depending on the nature of your business and particular situation, other questions may also need to be addressed in your agreement. Although some people think they can just print off a handy form they find on the internet, consulting a Florida business attorney can help ensure your operating agreement will protect both you and your business interests.

There are many other kinds of disputes that may affect businesses. Most of us have heard about an organization that suffered losses when one of the owners or employees skipped town with company money or property. Other businesspeople may find themselves in trouble if a customer or employee sues for any number of reasons. Some may have difficulties with investors, landlord-tenant disputes, or problems protecting their company’s intellectual property.

At Apfelbaum Law, we know that business disputes are not only stressful, but also expensive—aside from court costs, they also require time that you could otherwise spend working. Meanwhile, news of the disagreement can cause bad publicity for your business. Our goal is to help you avoid as many disputes as possible. If one can’t be avoided, we will advise you on your options, answer any questions you have, and make every effort to provide you with the best chances of winning in a courtroom.

If you have questions or concerns about contracts, business law, real estate, or other Florida legal services, please contact Apfelbaum Law for a consultation. We can be reached at 772-236-4009, or contactus@alawfl.com.