From entrepreneurs to employees, most career-minded individuals have legal concerns at some point. Many small business owners worry about everything from having the right permits to avoiding disputes with employees and contractors. Freelancers, entrepreneurs or individuals who work for companies of any size may have questions about non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements or many other concerns. Others may be caught up by internal strife or disputes within a company.

While most people want to avoid legal disputes in business, sometimes problems arise and it becomes necessary to consult a Florida business lawyer. At Apfelbaum Law, we know how stressful and time-consuming these situations can be, and we will work to help you resolve them in the best, most efficient way possible.

We also want you to know that many business disputes can be avoided by taking the right steps when setting up a business, hiring employees, or making agreements upon accepting employment. For example, many people start small businesses on a shoestring, and a limited budget is certainly understandable. But failing to have a properly-worded agreement with employees about concerns like company trade secrets can lead to many expensive and time-consuming legal problems in the future. Making sure your business interests are protected is an important investment to make in your company or career, and a Florida business lawyer can help.

For example, we’ve all heard about business disputes where an employee left to start their own business, taking some of their former employer’s clients with them. Maybe they even exploited relationships with suppliers or other business contacts. Many of us have friends or business associates who have run into this problem. Business owners in this situation might take the former employee to court, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Also, if there was no formal agreement when the employee began working for the business, the business owner might not have a case at all. They’re then forced to spend time and money acquiring new customers while their former employee profits from their old customers.

This kind of situation is common and it can be both frustrating and expensive—not only for the business owner but also for the former employee who may be faced with a lawsuit. It’s likely both parties’ business interests will suffer while the owners settle their differences in court. Meanwhile, the bad publicity from a lawsuit may make one or both businesses less appealing to potential customers. But a properly-worded non-compete agreement with prospective employees may help avoid disputes, saving both parties time, stress, and expense in the future.

The above example is only one of many potential areas of concern for local businesses. There are many different kinds of disputes that may affect businesspeople in Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas. Some involve agreements between employees and employers, such as non-compete or confidentiality agreements. Others involve transactions between businesses, including complex commercial litigation, contract breach and enforcement, and business torts. Internal issues may lead to partner or shareholder disputes. Additionally, business owners may face problems with landlord-tenant disputes, investor disputes, or even issues with fraud involving employees or business partners. At Apfelbaum Law, our experienced Florida business lawyers understand these complex issues and work to help our clients resolve them quickly and efficiently.

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