Whether you plan to open your own business or climb the corporate ladder at an established company, Stuart is an exciting city to start or continue your career. The largest municipality in Martin County, Stuart has strong marine and agricultural industries, as well as opportunities in construction, hospitality or tourism, government, and the medical field. Martin County is also a Florida “Blue Chip” community, with a robust growth plan to attract business and industry to the area. This provides a wide variety of business opportunities for individuals and entrepreneurs in Stuart and the surrounding areas.

But with any business opportunity comes risk, and the potential for legal problems. At Apfelbaum Law, our experienced Florida business attorneys help businesses and individuals with a variety of legal concerns, including business disputes. We hope to prevent as many disputes as possible by advising clients about ways to avoid these issues. Usually, this means having a professionally written contract with employees, contractors, partners, and other business associates.

Often, business owners are confused about what kind of agreements they need with employees, vendors, or other business associates. Sometimes, they may not recognize potential problems until it’s too late. A Florida business lawyer can help you consider the future of your business and situations that may arise as your company grows and becomes more successful. Taking the time to figure out your future goals and prepare the right documents can help you avoid disputes down the road. A properly-worded confidentiality or non-compete agreement with employees or contractors, for example, could help protect your business interests and ensure both parties are clear about the arrangement.

At Apfelbaum Law, we believe our greatest reward is fighting for our clients. If a business dispute can’t be avoided, we will help you prepare to litigate or settle the matter, either in court or by coming to an amicable agreement with the other party. We assist clients with complex commercial litigation, contract breach and enforcement, and business torts. Additionally, we can help with disputes that may arise between shareholders, with investors, or between landlords and tenants. We also represent clients in matters involving fraud, injunctions, and a wide variety of other concerns for business people in Stuart and the surrounding areas of the Treasure Coast.

It’s important to remember that having contracts prepared by an experienced attorney with a strong understanding of Florida contract law can save you time and money, especially if it becomes necessary to enforce that contract in court. The same is true of a partnership or shareholder agreement—if it clearly spells out the responsibilities and obligations of each partner, disputes between partners or shareholders may be solved much more easily, and it may be possible to avoid an expensive and time-consuming fight in court. Contacting a Florida business lawyer sooner rather than later can help you avoid messy business disputes.

If you have questions or concerns about contracts, business law, real estate, or other Florida legal services, please contact Apfelbaum Law for a consultation. We can be reached at 772-236-4009 or contactus@alawfl.com.