As its name implies, Vero Beach is home to several popular beaches on the Treasure Coast. Not surprisingly, tourism makes up a large part of its economy and offers many opportunities for both business owners and potential employees.

People who live or work in Vero Beach and the surrounding areas frequently seek the advice of a Florida business attorney because they want to protect their business interests. Sometimes they need help with business contracts, but occasionally they also become involved in business disputes. Although no one wants to think of their business becoming entrenched in a legal battle, it is an unfortunate reality for some companies and individuals.

Fortunately, there are many ways to lower your risk of business disputes. One good practice is to ensure a Florida business lawyer goes over all your business contracts, even if they don’t seem like a big deal to you at the time. It’s often difficult to know what may prove important to your business interests in the future—especially if you’re distracted by the many other aspects of your business, like helping customers or manufacturing a product. A properly-worded contract written by an experienced attorney can help prevent many business disputes.

When disputes do happen, they can involve a wide variety of issues, including contract breach and enforcement, business torts, and confidentiality or non-compete problems. Other areas of concern include disputes with partners or investors, landlord/tenant disagreements, fraud, and debt collection.

Both businesses and consumers may also find themselves in a dispute involving Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUPTA). This law was passed in 1973 as a complement to the Federal Trade Commission Act, which was designed to protect consumers from deceptive or unfair trade practices, including deceptive or misleading advertising. The major benefit of FDUPTA is that it provides a private cause of action, limited to recovery of actual damages to the plaintiff. Essentially this means that a consumer can sue to reclaim any money lost due to a misleading product claim.

Laws regarding deceptive advertising or product claims are complex, and it can be difficult to know what might potentially cause a dispute for your business. Some people are surprised to learn that one word in an advertisement is now causing them a headache. To complicate matters, business owners may also get into a dispute because of something an employee said or did, without their knowledge. It’s always best to consult an attorney or other professional if you’re unsure about wording a product claim, but if a dispute does arise, a Florida business lawyer can advise you on ways to move forward.

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