Whether you are individual seeking to hire a business or contractor to do a job, or are a business looking to contract with an employee, independent contractor, or distributor, it is important to reduce your agreements to writing.

Apfelbaum Law can counsel and assist national and international businesses, small, medium or large companies, and entrepreneurs with the drafting of contracts and agreements with employees, independent contractors, distributors, contractors and service providers, and other business associates. This planning can help prevent costly and time-consuming contract disputes later on.

Most businesspeople hope they never have to be involved in a contract dispute. After all, it can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming, and something both sides end up getting bad press. Worse, if you have to take your business associates to court, you’re probably not going to be working with them again in the future. Sometimes customers or other business associates might take the other business’ side.

Unfortunately, sometimes contract disputes can’t be avoided. If the actions of another party damage your business, sometimes taking legal action is the only solution. A breach of contract, for example, can be costly, and possibly damaging to a company’s reputation. A trusted employee leaving to start his or her own business after learning the trade from you can also cut into your profits. If shareholders or partners cause internal strife, their disagreements can bring the whole company to a standstill. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, it may be time to seek the advice of an experienced Florida business lawyer.

Fortunately, sometimes contract disputes can be avoided by taking the appropriate steps early on. A non-compete agreement, for example, can protect you from the long-time employee suddenly setting up shop down the road and becoming your competition. A properly-worded contract written by an experienced attorney with understanding of Florida contract law can save you time and money if it becomes necessary to enforce that contract in court. The same is true of a partnership or shareholder agreement – if it clearly spells out the responsibilities and obligations of each partner, or the bylaws that govern how much control shareholders have over a company, disputes between partners or shareholders can be solved much more easily, and it may be possible to avoid an expensive and time-consuming fight in court.

A Florida business lawyer can also provide you with peace of mind. Taking the time to discuss potential contracts, partnerships, and other business agreements with an attorney can help to avoid future disputes, and ensure your business is protected in the event that one is unavoidable.

Sometimes people are tempted to use do-it-yourself contract kits they find in a store or on the internet, but those one-size-fits-all contracts often do not take into consideration the unique aspects of your business. If something important isn’t addressed by your contract, and you later have a disagreement with a business partner, you may both spend weeks or even months arguing about it in court—while your business suffers. Having a Florida business attorney draft and negotiate your contract can help prevent time-consuming and expensive legal battles.

Apfelbaum Law will work with you on the process of negotiating and drafting agreements including:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Distributorship Agreements
  • Non-Compete & Confidentiality Agreements
  • Agreements with contractors and service provider
  • Settlement Agreements

If you need assistance with the drafting and/or negotiation of a contract or agreement, or have questions about any potential legal matter, please contact Apfelbaum Law for a consultation.

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