The purchase or sale of a house, condominium, or vacation property is one of the most important and largest transactions a person or family makes in their lives.  The purchase or sale of commercial property (e.g., an apartment building, warehouse, or shopping plaza) presents additional potential issues, and the financial exposure, for both the buyer and the seller, may even be higher.

As a result, the process can cause a lot of stress for both buyers and sellers.  At Apfelbaum Law, we aim to take the stress out of real estate transactions in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, and throughout the State of Florida.

Whether you are buying or selling, you need to be aware that each real estate transaction is unique and may have its own twists (e.g., homeowner’s association restrictions, easements, and other requirements and limitations).  There are also a number of issues that may arise which you may need legal assistance to handle and understand.  These include, to name a few: Illegal additions or improvements to the property; liens on the property; property owned by a trust or corporation; tenants on the property; etc.  Hiring a Florida real estate attorney can help you with the buying or selling process, assist in navigating any problems that arise, and ultimately help you close the deal.  Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind that you may not miss or misunderstand an important part of the sales agreement or other agreements involved in the transaction.

Real estate transactions also require a number of contracts and disclosures that tend to be lengthy and include an array of conditions, obligations and responsibilities.  Apfelbaum Law assists you with going through these complicated contracts and disclosures so you may be aware of the duties and obligations as a buyer or seller of real estate property.  It is important to make sure you understand the responsibilities of both the buyer and seller before you close the deal.

If you are buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, Apfelbaum Law can assist you through the entire process and even perform the closing.  In addition to, or independently of representation of the buyer or seller, Apfelbaum Law can facilitate escrow, issuance of the necessary titles, closing of the transaction, and recordation of the necessary documents.

Apfelbaum Law can also help businesses with real estate matters beyond buying and selling.  Owning or investing in real estate can present its own set of issues – difficulties with tenants, late or non-payment of rent, and sometimes, unfortunately, the necessity of carrying out an eviction. These situations often require an in-depth understanding of various Florida real estate laws.  Apfelbaum Law can assist you with your real estate needs.

If you have a real estate matter, please contact Apfelbaum Law for a consultation to learn how we can help.

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