Apfelbaum Law Helps Local Restaurants, Healthcare Workers, First Responders—and You Can Too!

At Apfelbaum Law, we know times have been difficult for everyone. Many local businesses are struggling, including restaurants that used to rely on dine-in traffic. We also very much appreciate how hard healthcare workers and first responders are working to keep us all healthy and safe.

So, we came up with a plan to help!  Apfelbaum Law will be collecting donations to purchase food from restaurants located in St. Lucie and Martin Counties, and we will be donating this food to our healthcare workers and first responders so that we can give back to both groups at the same time.

We’d like to encourage others in the community to join our efforts, so Apfelbaum Law will be matching donations up to $2,000.  Apfelbaum Law will be selecting restaurants and food recipients on a weekly basis while we can continue this program.

We appreciate you joining us in our efforts to help our local community! Please click here to donate!



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